100 % Organic Female Ginseng Herbal Powder (Premium Grade)

(Angelica Sinensis)

Prime Quality Food Grade



Herbal Powder : The Elixir of Life

Healthy Life From the Inside Out



How to use

- Superfoods

- Dietary Supplement

- Female Ginseng Smoothie Bowl

- Female Ginseng Latte

- Female Ginseng Protein Shake

- Herbal Tea
- Healthy Drink

- Natural Ingredient for Baking.



Ingredients : 100% Organic Female Ginseng Herbal Powder

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Premium Food Grade

Organic Product

Natural Herbal Powder

No Preservatives, No Artificial Colours, No Artificial Flavours

No Additives, No Fillers, No Chemicals

Safe for Everyday use




(Angelica Sinensis)


- Improve Immune Function

- Rebalance Your Health

- Nourish Your Body Health both Men & Women

- Improve Functioning of Brain, Heart, Liver, Lymph Node

- Enrich Blood

- Promote Blood Circulation

- Treat Blood Deficiency Pattern

- Treat Menstrual Disorders


Organic Female Ginseng Herbal Powder (Premium Grade ; 5 KG)

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